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Gas Leak Signs You Need to Watch Out For

Signs That You Should Call For Gas Leak Repair Services

When you think about plumbers, you might have pictured out someone who deals with just the water system in your property. But plumbers are more than just water pipe experts. These professionals work with hazardous gas too. An estimated 73 million properties in the US alone use natural gas. As you can expect, it is highly flammable, which is why any leak or damage with your gas pipes should never be taken lightly. Aside from fire risks, it has health dangers too as gas leaks can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. That is why the moment you notice any sign of a leak in your pipes, you should call for professional gas leak repair services. Here are signs you need to watch out for:

Weird Smell

Have you noticed an unusual smell near your gas pipes? You should never ignore that! The smell of a gas leak is like a rotten egg or sulfur. When you smell rotten egg in your property without other reasons, you need to have your has pipes checked by an expert professional right away. Immediate gas leak repair is vital to prevent fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Unusual Sound

Aside from using your sense of smelling to investigate a gas leak in your property, you should also be mindful about the unusual noises you’re hearing in your property. Hissing noises coming from inside your walls, for example, can indicate leaking pipes. You don’t have to take down a wall to verify that. Just call a professional plumber as they will arrive with the right equipment to identify if there’s really a leak in your gas pipes.

Flame Color

More often than not, gas appliances emit a blue-colored flame. If it’s other than that, there might be an underlying issue in your gas pipes. Orange flames, for example, could indicate there’s a leak in your pipes.

Noticed any of the above-mentioned signs? If that’s the case, you should get in touch with Omar's Plumbing & Hydrojet for an immediate gas leak repair service. We provide our impeccable offers to the people in Long Beach, CA and the surrounding areas.

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