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Red Flags to Look Out for When Hiring a Hydro Jet Cleaning Service

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Are you in need of an excellent hydro jet drain cleaning service for your clogged drainage system? If you are, then you must have standards to be met. You would want to hire a competent company, and one way of shortening your list is to look out for red flags and avoiding sketchy cleaning contractors. Here are some red flags that you must be aware of:

The price is too low

A proper hydro jet drain cleaning isn’t cheap. You have to spend a reasonable amount of money for it. So if a contractor would suddenly offer you very low bids or ridiculously high discounts, you ought to be careful. Discounts are normal especially if you’re a new customer, but you have to assess if the money you’ll save is worth the quality that you deserve. Ask more questions about why they’re offering you a very low price. And if they give you vague answers, it’s time to cross them out of your list.

Vague answers

Simple questions like, where’s your physical address or how soon can the project be completed should be answered immediately and directly. A legit company would have no qualms providing you this information. However, if they couldn’t even provide you with an established physical address, a warning bell should sound in your mind already. It’s most likely that their business is not legal and they’re just trying to get money from you.

Advance payment

If a potential cleaning company would ask for an advance payment even before the start of a project, then you really shouldn’t proceed with anything. They would probably tell you that they need the money for the materials and products used for hydro jetting, but a legit cleaning business would have the finances to back them up. Don’t give them any money at all.

Never think of these red flags anymore. Hire Omar's Plumbing & Hydrojet to perform hydro jet drain cleaning service for you. We are located in Long Beach, CA, and we provide hydro jetting services that fit your drainage system. Call us at (562) 247-5669 today!

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