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Think You May Have a Gas Leak?

Gas Leak Repair Tips

Welcome to Omar's Plumbing & Hydrojet blog on gas leak repair tips. A gas line leak can occur when the pipe which carries it from one location to another has suffered a tear or a scratch which usually happens due to high pressure. Natural gas, gasoline, and other such substances that are either in liquid or gaseous form are often transported using gas lines. You should note that gas leaks can be extremely hazardous, meaning you need to know exactly how to repair them. When you are unable to do this, then call out a professional immediately.

Step 1 – Turning off the Gas

Working with gas is dangerous, and you always need to remember to turn off the line, in order to allow for a safe repair job.

Step 2 – Removing the Covers

Gas lines usually come with exterior covers which are made mostly from plastic. Remove them to expose the pipes underneath. Remember to put on a gas mask, as inhaling such gases can cause damage to your respiratory system, and remember to wear gloves too.

Step 3 – Detaching the Gas Line

Gas line leaks like mentioned above, are usually due to the high pressure within the pipe. To repair the leak, you need to remove the low-pressure gas line from its regulator.

Step 4 – Removing The Residue Gas Pressure

The lines will almost always contain some gas residue, and you will need to remove it in order to relieve the pipe. To do this, you must crack the line fittings which are on the high-pressure line. You will need to use a wrench to do this.

Step 5 – Cleaning the Line

Using some acetone to clean the line of any impurities which may result in more leaks.

Step 6 – Scuffing the Surface

Using some sandpaper, scuff the surface in order to even it out. Make sure that you scuff the gas pipe too.

Step 7 – Attaching the Gas Line

Attach the gas line and make sure you fit it loosely, as tightening it could cause new leak points. Use some rubber tape to reinforce the grip and to ensure the leak is sealed properly.

Hopefully, our blog proved useful. However, if you need a gas leak repair service that is based in the Long Beach, CA area, please call us today at (562) 247-5669.

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