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What Causes Gas Leaks?

How to Prevent Gas Leak Repair

Today’s blog will be on gas leak repair, and how to prevent them. So let’s begin. Gas leaks in a home are often down to poorly fitted, badly maintained or faulty appliances such as cookers and boilers. When your appliance has been poorly fitted, gas will escape, usually from the gas hose which leads into your appliance or from around its seal. Meaning you must make sure your appliances are installed by a fully accredited gas engineer.

When you are unsure if the engineer is accredited, you can ask to see their registration card. The same can be said when your appliances are older and you are getting them serviced. You must be wary of old or second-hand appliances, especially when you are moving into a new property. Fortunately, there are a few easy-to-spot signs which will tell you if your appliances are faulty.

What could happen when a gas leak is ignored?

A natural gas leak should always be classed as a potentially deadly situation. And when left unchecked, unsafe appliances in your home can result in fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisonings.

How does one detect a gas leak?

The biggest tell-tale sign of a gas leak will be smelling gas in your home. However, with regards to a carbon monoxide leak, there are some physical symptoms you could suffer from should there be a leak. This can include feeling lightheaded, ill, dizzy or nauseous. If you experience any of these, go outside immediately. When these symptoms pass the moment you breathe in fresh air, the chances are good you have a carbon monoxide leak.

There are a few signs from your appliances which can indicate a leak, even if you do not  smell gas:

1. Look for a crisp blue flame, and not an orange or yellow flame.

2. Also, look out for a pilot light which always seems to go out.

3. On the exterior of your appliance, look for any soot or any black or brown scorched areas.

4. Watch out for excessive condensation on your windows, or a musty smell.

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